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The Drudge Report headlined this Wall Street Journal article profiling Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei as: “Trump Drives China Crazy,” highlighting the Chinese official’s characterization of Trump as an “irrational type.” Via WSJ: Asked about the tough talk on China in the presidential campaign, from both Democrats and Republicans, Mr. Lou said Americans needed to recognize the U.S. and China “are mutually dependent on each other” and both have a lot to lose in any economic confrontation. “Our economic cycles are intertwined,” he said. “We have more in common than sets us apart.”Mr. Lou also said he understood that rhetoric in a presidential campaign gets heated and often doesn’t reflect the policies an incoming administration would adopt. With a new administration, he said, “U.S.-China ties should be more or less as they are now.”

Source: Trump: I’m So Happy China Is Upset With Me; “They Have Waged Economic War Against Us” | Video | RealClearPolitics