Two Rules | Rule #1 Do Not Lose Your Principal | Rule #2 See Rule #1

Asset Protection Attorney Ike Devji

11th year of Asset Protection only legal practice, helps protect a national client base of over 3,500 clients and over $5 billion in protected assets. Clients include literally thousands of physicians, various business owners, real estate professionals, builders & developers, C-level executives and professional athletes and entertainers.

If you market and sell to physicians, you quickly discover that physicians are wired differently than business-minded prospects and clients. The 10 Laws of Physician Engagement describe the differences.

These laws work like the laws of gravity, helping you predict the outcomes of your actions.  When you align your marketing efforts with these laws, you join the high performers in the medical market.

via How to Sell to Physicians: 10 Laws of Physician Engagement | Targeting Doctors.