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>> Existing Life Insurance Policies?

Existing Life Insurance Policies

What about my Existing Life Insurance policies?

Oftentimes these previously existing life insurance contracts are very valuable, both for retirement spending as well as to provide funds for after mortality needs.

Also frequently these contracts are not optimized, not appropriate, not properly positioned, too costly or other problems.

One of the problems we encounter in client-adviser relationships is that “complacency” may set in over the years.  We also have learned and come to believe that it is wise to get a second opinion.

CFO will provide a free review and evaluation of these previously existing life insurance contracts to verify their appropriateness, their design, their expense, etc. Many times it is possible to re-position or restructure these contracts hugely in your favor, including lowering costs, lowering premiums and/or increasing benefits consistent with your overall financial plan.

If these existing contracts are five, ten or more years older, it is not uncommon for us to find ways to restructure these contracts to create an extra $100,000 or perhaps even far more inn spendable retirement cash.

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