Two Rules | Rule #1 Do Not Lose Your Principal | Rule #2 See Rule #1

Asset Protection Attorney Ike Devji

11th year of Asset Protection only legal practice, helps protect a national client base of over 3,500 clients and over $5 billion in protected assets. Clients include literally thousands of physicians, various business owners, real estate professionals, builders & developers, C-level executives and professional athletes and entertainers.

The last two weeks of the year is high selling season for life insurance polices as doctors rush to fund various retirement plans and as advisers take advantage of year-end wealth-transfer opportunities and favorable deals sometimes available from insurance companies. Knowing the right questions to ask about an insurance policy is a key issue for physicians, especially considering the significant investment often involved and the exit costs involved in buying a lemon.

Covering all the options and nuances available in the life insurance marketplace in anything less than book form is nearly impossible. The following are core concepts to be aware of that are the most basic and generally applicable.

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