Two Rules | Rule #1 Do Not Lose Your Principal | Rule #2 See Rule #1

Buy Low, Sell High

We can’t forget this magic phrase during one of the longest bull markets in the history of the stock market.

Markets have now entered their 61st month of the current bull market, 7 months past the average.

It is also the 2nd largest bull market since WWII in terms of 5 years in growth, leaning towards a possibility of being overbought.

Total Market Cap to GDP is another indicator that is reaching pre 2008 levels. Consider that we are 115% per the article below, and peak in 2007 was 135%.

Who knows where the markets will go from here, we may have a lot of upside left. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a financial product that allows you to grab some of the upside of the market if it does go up, but made sure you didn’t lose anything if we had a correction. It does exist . . . call us to discuss . . .