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Phoenix, Arizona

CFO is an independent, boutique financial services firm which specializes in the unique planning needs of doctors, other high income professionals and high net worth individuals . . . and the economic issues facing them. Just like many medical and dental professionals, CFO specializes . . . that is, we focus, focus, focus . . . upon implementation and balanced integration of programs and services for our exclusive clients.

CFO clients obtain access to the customized, individualized, written CFO Financial Treatment Plan (“FTP”) for the doctor or other client, which analysis is a special financial x-ray diagnostic. No treatment protocol is performed without first obtaining this financial diagnosis. The FTP calculates the client’s losses of practice earnings and retirement savings caused by inappropriate or ineffective client business structure, estimates when the client will achieve Critical Capital Mass, and evaluates and quantifies Alternative Treatment Plans. Based upon recommendations derived from the FTP, CFO helps doctors and other clients achieve personal Critical Capital Mass sooner rather than later, by systematic implementation of the written, personalized financial treatment plan.

CFO is headquartered in Phoenix, along with representatives around the country. Phoenix is one of the premier resort destinations in the U.S. The Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport permits easy national access to and from Phoenix and wherever the client is located.

We suggest that you request a no cost, no obligation 10-30 minute phone or Skype video conference with us to discuss key variables as they relate to your particular circumstances and your fact pattern. This short phone conference can help determine preliminarily whether or not the CFO program may help you more efficiently achieve your retirement savings, tax optimization and risk mitigation goals.

We look forward to hearing from you.

CFO Solutions Team